Grandmaster Yoo Triple Staff
A great variety of weapons are used in Kung Fu. The practitioner is expected to become skilled in use of both weapons and ordinary tools and other articles used in daily life. Some of these instruments are common to all styles of Kung Fu, while others are the particular or special weapons of certain styles only.

Master Raul Johnson WeaponsSome of the most common weapons used by the practitioners of Kung Fu are the following:
  • Chien, a straight, double-edged long sword;
  • Tao, a curved single edged long sword;
  • Chiang , a straight-bladed spear;
  • Swang-cha, a short spear or trident;
  • Kwan-do, a long handled halberd;
  • Swang-so-tai, a short-handled halberd;
  • Kung-pang, a staff;
  • Cha, a two-tined iron truncheon;
  • Sam-chen-kwon, a three sectioned staff;
  • Piao, a short throwing blade.

Among the many articles of everyday use, the following are most commonly employed as weapons by practitioners of Chinese hand to hand systems: rakes, hoes, benches, walking sticks, and baskets of various types. Indeed, there is no true limit to the articles that may be used. Thus it can be said that no well-trained practitioner of Chinese fighting arts is ever without a weapon. When an emergency arises, he can instantly arm himself by selecting something from among the many objects that surround him in everyday life.