Kung Fu Eagle ClawThe forms of an Kung Fu hold it's mysteries and secrets. If you understand the forms, you understand the art. You must constantly seek the original intent of the master who created that form. When you allow the form to be done by you as opposed to do the form, you will begin to gain the understanding and awareness of the form's creator. Magical traditions talk about invocation. You may find that many of your style's fighting forms are simple invocations that have been passed on throughout the generations of your style's existence. Grandmaster Yoo Crane FormFor example, if you have "tiger" form, do you pose through the form pretending to be a tiger or even worse, do you do the techniques of the form the same way you do the techniques in your "crane" form? Or do you invoke the spirit of the tiger and allow that tiger spirit to possess your body so that it may do the form for you? Take every form you know and attempt to uncover the original intent of the form's creator. What do you know about him? Is this the same person who founded your style? What is the history, tradition and belief surrounding each form? What is the purpose? And after you think you know what it is, search to see what else it could be. You will soon see that this is a lifetime study. As you empty your cup each time you approach each form, that form will teach you more and more about its mysteries. Most Kung Fu traditions have certain forms that are designed to teach their practioners about chi, energy or life force. As you practice these forms, you not only become aware that you are a field of bio-electric energy, you also find that you are increasing the strength of this energy system. Ultimately you will realize that the entire universe is energy and you are a part of that energy. As such, your Kung Fu evolves from physical level into dealing with life on an energy level. It is at this point that one's interest in the mystical aspects of the Kung Fu will normally increase.