Since founding his studio near the nation’s capital thirty years ago, Grand Master Yoo has trained and coached more national champions and state champions than any other school in the entire U.S. (1979-2011), yet he still teaches a full schedule of classes. This personal attention is almost unheard of in the United States, where personal assistants are the primary instructors in many schools, and masters make few appearances in class.

Studying the martial arts does not only mean learning the physical techniques to use, it means learning the history and philosophy of the arts as well. In doing so one will appreciate and understand the tradition behind each martial art. We are sincere in our efforts to provide you with program, instruction, and knowledge that will allow you to realize your full potential for growth and personal achievement. Each person will develop skills that they can apply to everyday life. We give personal instruction because every individual is different, and the progress they make varies. You will learn at a rate consistent with your ability and level of fitness.

Yoo's Authentic Martial Arts is located in historic Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Our school includes a large studio, a complete training facility with Nautilus machines, free weights, and a padded floor practice room, as well as separate Men's and Women's locker rooms, each with individual showers. We invite you to learn more about our school, the martial arts we offer, and Grand Master Yoo.