Master Instructors

Master Jason Yoo

Master Jason Yoo (Tae Kwon Do)

Former U.S. National Team Member and 1994 / 1995, U.S. National Feather Weight Champion. Master Jason Yoo is a W.T.F. Certified 6th Degree Black Belt and has 25 years experience as an international competitor coach and instructor, under the direction of Grand Master Yoo. Master Jason has not only acheived great success through the years in these areas, in 1995 he was named " Athlete of the Year" in Tae Kwon Do by the U.S. Olympic Committee. Master Jason Yoo is a graduate of Syracuse University.
Master Lory Dance

Master Lory Dance, P.H.D. (Tae Kwon Do)

Lory Dance is a Sociology Professor at the University of Maryland, and a W.T.F. Certified 5th Degree Black Belt. In 1997 she was the U.S. National Welter Weight Champion. She has taken numerous grand champion trophies in sparring and forms at open championships and is an 11-time state champion. Dr. Dance specializes in teaching children's classes. Master Lory Dance received her masters and doctorate degrees from Harvard University.
Master Jerry Crawford

Master Jerry Crawford (Hap Ki Do)

Master Jerry Crawford is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki Do who has been studying under Grand Master Yoo since 1979. He regularly assists Grand Master Yoo in the conduct of the Hap Ki Do classes with adept expertise in the art and a talent for instruction. Over the years he has demonstrated a mastery of thousands of techniques which he often incorporates in class.
Master Raul Johnson

Master Raul Johnson (Kung Fu)

Master Raul Johnson has studied under Grand Master Yoo since 1986 and has a strong out look to pursue higher level training and ranking in the future. Master Raul is currently a 5th Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu. Master Raul is the most decorated student at Yoo's Kung Fu with countless awards and honors in both External, Internal Forms and Weapons. Master Raul has mastered over forty Northern Style and Weapons Forms. He Enjoys instructing both Beginners and Advanced classes.
Instructor Kristine Lindley

Instructor Kristine Lindely (Kung Fu)

Kristine Lindely is currently a 4th Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu. She is a Senior Instructor at Yoo's Kung Fu, and helps instruct in Grand Master Yoo's Classes. She has has been learning under the guidance of Grand Master Yoo since1992. Ms. Lindely is well adept in Northern Style, Tai Chi and Weapons, which makes her a remarkable all-around Kung Fu Athlete. Her power and grace is showcased in performances in the class room.